Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, Almería, Jaén

Edf. Ronda I, 3-B
Paseo Marítimo 91

Tel: (+ 34) 952 661 200

Consul: Per Dover Petersen
(Secretary 1973, Vice Consul 1983, Consul 1994)

Secretary (consular affairs): Christian Dover Petersen (Real Estate Agent)

Secretary (juridical affairs): Elizabeth Dover Petersen (Lawyer)

Office hours: Weekdays 10 am - 2 pm CET



Iceland Lifts Capital Controls.


Icelandic Literature Center.


Scholarships in Icelandic as a second language.


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Webcams in Iceland

The Snorri Sturluson Icelandic Fellowships

The Official Gateway to Iceland

Guest of Honour, Frankfurt Book Fair. FABULOUS ICELAND

Inspired by Iceland

Recover an Icelandic citizenship

Taste and share the secret of the Icelandic cod

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Governmental Offices:

Government of Iceland – Icelandic Ministries:

The Icelandic Govt's Vision of the information Society

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

Embassies, Consulates Generals and Permanent Missions

Icelandic Delecation to NATO

Icelandic Delecation to the Council of Europe

The Parliament of Iceland

The National Energy Authority

Reykjavík Energy

Iceland New Energy

National Land Survey of Iceland

The Directorate of Customs

Technological Institute of Iceland

The Directorate of Fisheries

Iceland State Electricity

Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration

Nature Conservation Agency

Icelandic Institute of Natural History

The Environment and Food Agency


The Economy of Iceland:

Statistics Iceland

Central Bank of Iceland



MFA - Business Overseas Service

Trade Council of Iceland

Federation of Icelandic Industries

Icelandic Exporters

Iceland Chamber of Commerce

Confederation of Icelandic Employers

Confederation of Icelandic Wholsalers

Aflvaki - Reykjavik Resources


Education and Research:

The University of Iceland

Icelandic language course on line

The Sigurdur Nordal Institute

Reykjavik University

The Icelandic Recearch Council

National and University Library of Iceland

The University of Akureyri

University College of Education

Icelandic College of Engineering and Technology

Hvanneyri Agricultural College

Bifröst - School of Business

School of Computer Science - Commercial College of Iceland

Icelandic Meteorological Office

The Nordic Volcanological Institute

The Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories

Agricultural Research Institute

Marine Research Institute

Iceland Forest Service

Iceland Academy of the Arts

Teach yourself Icelandic



Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Reykjavík Art Museum

Reykjavík Arts Festival

Listasafn Einars Jónssonar

The Icelandic Film Center

Information Centre for Visual Art

Nordic House in Reykjavík

Icelandic Actors Association

The Writers Union of Iceland

The Icelandic Musicians Union

Reykjavik Jazzfestival


Art Museums/Galleries:

National Gallery

Reykjavík Municipal Art Museum

Akureyri Art Gallery

The Living Art Museum

Kopavogur Art Museum - Gerdarsafn

Hafnarborg - the Hafnarfjordur Institute of Culture and Fine Art

Crafts and Design


National / Folk Museums /Traditions:

National Museum of Iceland

Árbaer Open-Air Folk Museum /Árbćjarsafn

Icelandic Emigration Center at Hofsós (Museum)

The Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörđur

Virtually Virtual Iceland

Christmas in Iceland



Visit Iceland

Iceland in a Nutshell

Tourist Board of Iceland

Iceland - naturally

Reykjavik - complete guide

Reykjavik - spa city

The Blue Lagoon

The Town of Hafnarfjörđur

What’s on in Iceland

Travel Publications

Bus Terminal

Flugfélag Íslands (domestic airline)


Iceland Express

Smyril Line



Mál og menning – bookstore

University bookstore

Nordic Store


Icelandic Media:


Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV - TV)

Channel 2 (Stöd 2-TV)

SÝN (Subsidiary of Channel 2)

(Daily Newspapers)




Daily News from Iceland (in English)

(Radio Stations)

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV - Radio)